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Through our business ICT BIZ we offer a range of Vipre Products and Solutions. As a small to medium sized business you might not be able to resource the range of products and solutions offered by Vipre .
Vipre products & solutions

Vipre products we offer

Following is a range of Vipre Products & Solutions we offer to help you and your business with all your ICT and business requirements.

We would love to dicuss your business requirements on how we can help you with a range of Vipre products and solutions.

Business Protection

Endpoint Security - Cloud
Endpoint Security - Server
Email Security - Cloud
Email Security - Server
Threat Secure Network
Threat Secure Email
Threat Analyzer
Threat IQ
Vipre Business Protection Products & Solutions

Home Protection

Vipre Advanced Security
Vipre Home Protection Products & Solutions

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We have experienced Vipre consultants waiting to discuss with you about your business requirements.

Small and medium-sized businesses face many of the same complex ICT decisions as larger companies.

Critical operating performances and strategic advantage for small to medium-sized businesses rely ever increasingly on technology that can deliver, making or breaking their future.

Having access to an ICT and Business experts from Globo Logic when required, gives small to medium-sized businesses an edge to compete with larger companies when making critical decisions and planning for your ICT.