About Globo Logic

Our Focus

We are experts in our field with over 34 years of ICT industry expereience. We whizzy IT for your business by hiring and maintaining highly skilled staff. Globo Logic prides in itself to provide and outstanding organisation to work for either in the office or from home. We focus on our staff needs by listening to their requirements to make sure they have the skills and tools to offer our customers outstanding customer service.
Our Vision

We strive to provide and protect an environment that features, "ICT Transformation," wherein ICT products, services and solutions are innovative, readily available, and utilised to provide exceptional support to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide, through customer engagement, outstanding technology products, services and solutions that advances your organisation to utilise technology to drive your business goals by working with Globo Logic together we can "make IT work".

  • As the Chief Marketing Officer for Globo Logic I bring a wealth of marketing experience.
    Sara Wright
  • Our staff make Globo Logic the organisation it is today. We value our staff, we listen to them.
    Jennifer Lee
  • I love working with our customers on developing solutions to meet their business needs.
    Brandon Ross

Our Executive Team

Globo Logic is proud to have an outstanding executive team that live and breath our motto to whizzy IT, true leaders providing outstanding customer services and helping to grow our extensive teams of awesome staff.

Jennifer Lee

Chief People Officer

Jennifer provides an awsome amount experience in directing our human resources team.

Kevin Perry

Chief Finanical Officer

Kevin is a whiz with numbers and shows it leading our finance and administration teams.

Sara Wright

Chief Marketing Officer

Sara provides an awesome amount of experience in directing our marketing team.

Doris Flores

Chief Operations Officer

Doris shows how awesome she is by managing our operations team both onshore and offshore.

Brandon Ross

Chief Developer Officer

Brandon shows how awesome he is with managing our development team with both onshore and offshore developers.

Jessica Albiciete

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica brings a new exciting way of managing Globo Logic. With over 10 years as CEO in various industries across the world Jessica is excited to be leading Globo Logic.

Our Board

With an experienced team of directors on our board, focusing on strategic and long term goals of growing Globo Logic working with the CEO on building Globo Logic into one of the greatest places to work providing solutions and services to our customers.

Jason De Mamiel

Chairman / Director Board

Jason is the founder of Globo Logic, founding it in 2008 where he was CEO until 2018 when he stepped down and is now Chairman of the Board.

Dianne Williams

Director Board / Deputy Chair

Dianne brings a wealth of experience holding senior positions such as CEO and member of a number of boards.

Steven Jones

Director Board / Finance Committee Chair

Steven brings a wealth of finanical experience having being CFO for a number of businesses.

Lisa Janson

Director Board / Strategic Committe Chair

Lisa brings a wealth of strategic planning having been partner of large strategic consulting firms.

Why Globo Logic

Our History

Glob Logic has created a range of ideas over the past 14 years, some have not being that succesful and some have.
  • Jul 2008Globo Logic Founded

    Jason De Mamiel founded Globo Logic Pty Ltd. ABN:57 132 206 510
  • Aug 2009Whats to Buy

    Online shopping group Whats to Buy begins online trading. No longer operating.
  • Mar 2010VDO Technology

    Creation of VDO Technology for video conferencing solutions. No longer operating
  • Apr 2011Spot Of

    Creation of Spot Of Entertainment group. No longer operating.
  • Oct 2012Job Posta

    Creation of Job Posta an online automatic job posting solution. No longer operating.
  • Jun 2013Jobs Online

    Creation of Jobs online group of job boards. No longer operating.
  • Nov 2014Sports Sites

    Creation of NRL Bet, AFL Bets, various online sports betting sites.
  • Sep 2015Digtial Home Media

    Creation of Digital Home Media to provide home media products and solutions. No longer operating.
  • Jan 2016Smart Window Films

    To market and sell smart window films. No longer operating.
  • Feb 2018ICT BIZ

    Creation of ICT BIZ to sell ICT solutions, services, & products.
  • Aug 2018IoT BIZ

    Creation of IoT BIZ to sell Internet of Things. No longer operating.
  • Oct 2018Drones BIZ

    Creation of Drones BIZ for aerial photography & videography.
  • Feb 2020CIO BIZ

    Creation of CIO BIZ to offer Virtual CIO Services.
  • Nov 2020Creating IT

    Creation of Creating IT to offer home improvements. No longer operating.
  • Mar 2021ID BIZ

    Creation of ID BIZ to sell electronic business cards. No longer operating.
  • Sept 2021Internet BIZ

    Creation of Internet BIZ to take care of all Internet solutions.
  • Oct 2022Cyber BIZ

    Creation of Cyber BIZ to take care of all Cybersecurity solutions.
  • Dec 2022Digital BIZ

    Creation of Digital BIZ to take care of all Digital Transformations.

Trusted Partners

We love to work with our customers to build the trust to become your number one partners for all your ICT and business technology needs. We don't treat you like another number no matter how small or large your organisation is.