Frustrated with ICT?

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We solve ICT frustrations

Information Communications Technology (ICT) can be frustrating for you and your staff so we solve those frustrations with your ICT. By working with you to understand your frustrations with ICT and then we provide a solution to deliver the results to fix the frustrations. Don't let ICT get you and your staff down, contact us now to work on solving your ICT frustrations.

We solve ICT frustration

Why choose us.Over 30 years experience.

Know your leaving your ICT frustrations in the hands of those with experience that offers outstanding customer solutions to solve ICT frustrations.

Redefine your business

Our mission.To redefine your business.

Our mission is to make IT work for you. Get the most out of your technology today to make your ICT frustrations go away.

We make staff happy

What we do.Make your staff happy.

We understand that your staff get frustrated with ICT so we provide the solutions to make your staff happy and make ICT frustrations a thing of the past.

CIO ServicesCIO as a Service

Our CIO Services is designed for small to medium (SME) businesses that can't afford to hire CIO or senior IT staff to provide effective business technology.

Cloud Solutions.Cloud networking to save costs.

Small to medium size businesses can save costs by moving to the cloud. Find out how we can help you move by contacting us now.

ICT BIZServices for Sunshine Coast.

ICT BIZ provides ICT support, services and products to residents and small to medium size businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

Glob Logic has a range of solutions. See Solutions

Anti-virus software

Solutions for businesses.

Do you have the best anti-virus software? if you aren't using Bitdefender chances are you're not 100% covered against latest viruses and ransom-ware.

Get protection now
Glob Logic has a range of services. See Services

Our Businesses

Beauty Skin Shopdistributors of SeneGence.

Beauty Skin Shop sells SeneGence products. You can join now to become a distributor.

ICT BIZservices, support to Sunshine Coast.

ICT BIZ provides support, services and products to residents and small to medium size businesses in the Sunshine Coast.

More Jobs Onlinejob boards across the world.

Looking for work? find more jobs online in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, Africa, NZ, USA and UK.

VDO Technologyvideo conferencing solutions.

VDO Technology provides a range of online video conferencing solutions.

Whats to Buybiggest online shopping.

Whats to Buy provides a range of shopping products to choose from.