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Restrict Administrative Privileges

Restrict Administrative Privileges

As the name says, applying limits to who can access administrative pages is another vital part of protecting your company. Cybercriminals use these accounts to gain access to information. Actions such as accessing, and managing systems, applying software patches, and installing legitimate software should be restricted to only those needing them.

Consider these privileges like the keys to your home. Not everyone who works for you needs to have the opportunity to enter your realm. At the same time, you should be aware that some conflicts may arise after limiting administrative access. This is especially true for those who have had access in the past and maybe disgruntled when you remove it. For those who must have some limited access adding a logging system to track activities on restricted accounts can help you oversee the account activities.

Essential Eight Maturity Model

Cyber BIZ can help your business in reviewing the Essential Eight Maturity components which is to provide a starting point for businesses to evaulate and understand their security.

We can provide one or more of the following Essential Eight Solutions for your business.

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