ICT Solutions

Are you looking for ICT Solutions? such as e-Commerce, Video Conferencing, Jobs, Social Networking, Cloud Networking or any Hardware and Software solutions?.

Globo Logic has partnered with the best of the industry such as IBM, HP, Intel, Microsoft, D-Link, Symantec and others so we can provide the ICT Solutions for all your ICT needs.


Why Globo Logic

With over 27 years of ICT industry experience across Government, Not for profit and Corporate world with businesses around the world. We know ICT - Information Communications Technology.

"make IT work" with ICT Solutions and ICT Services with Globo Logic working with you to provide the results you need. We partner with you to ensure you receive the ultimate service, you receive quality cost effective ICT Solutions and ICT Services working with Globo Logic.


ICT Services

Are you looking for ICT Services? such as ICT Consulting, Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Websites, Mobile Sites or SEO and SEM just to name a few?.

Globo Logic can help you with all your ICT Services, just contact us to find out how we can help you with all your ICT needs from system reviews to full system installations.

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make IT work

Digital for business

Standing still is not an option. In meeting demands of today's digital work, businesses need to address four fundamental factors that will set them apart in the eyes of their customers.

  1. A CEO who defines and drives digital innovation
  2. An outside-in approach to innovation
  3. Use digital intelligence to drive everything
  4. Customer-centred solutions

(1) A CEO who defines and drives digital innovation

Capability: Embedded across the organisation

Risk Capital: Short term pain, for long term gains

Entrepreneurial culture: Enabling bottom-up innovation

(2) An outside-in approach to innovation

Empowered individuals: Individuals who challenge existing systems & process and forge new paths

Innovatve & Production Organisations: Setting up your organisation to be fit for innovation

Community Ecosystem: Connect, responsive and co-creating value with customers, develops & startups

Breakthrough Innvocation Growth & Collaboration: Dedicated focus on emerging social trends and technologies for breakthrough innovation

(3) Use digital intelligence to drive everything

Listen With significant amount of digital and social data available, businesses are in a unique position to listen and interact with their customers

Understand: It isn't enough to simply listen to the social and digital ecosystem. Businesses must have the ability to track these channels, gain insights and respond in real-time

Implement: To achieve an exemplary understaning of insights, requires implementation of robust data management platforms that have the ability to capture intent, analyse sentiment and apply this back to a customers' experience

(4) Customer-centred solutions

An intimate understanding of the customer

Design a seamless multichannel experience

Deliver Agile solutions that meet the needs of both customers & the business

Our dear partners all of them are helpful.

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